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Dry Cleaning & Laundry
Delivered in Antwerp

Let us take care for what you wear

Schedule a pickup anytime on our website.

How it works

Your friendly Valet will collect your dirty clothes, note any special  instruction and answer any questions you have.

We will deliver your clothes back on a predictable schedule.

Premuim clothing care for every part of your closet

Dry cleaning

Your clothes are cleaned according the care label, ironed and returned sharp on a hanger.

€3.90 to € 9+ per item

That is approximately €35 for a order of a few shirts, couple of pants and a dress

Wash & Fold

For all of your everyday laundry needs, returned freshly washed and crisply folded 

€7.99 per kg(min 6kg)

6-8 kg is roughly a week worth of laundry for one or two persons.


Your clothes are ironed according the care label, and returned crisply & folded

€3.30 to €10+ per item

That is approximately €30 for a typical order of a few shirts, pants and a dress


Q is a network of the very best Dry Cleaners in Antwerp. Offering unparalleled levels of quality cleaning combined with great customer service and a super convenient collection and delivery at a predictable schedule in Antwerp.

Our superior laundry service in Antwerp replaces the need for using your local laundrette and laundromats or even dry cleaner. Whether you are dry cleaning shirts, suits, blouses or dresses, or simply looking for a quality duvet-cleaning service, Hallo Q offers premium quality and a personal professional service direct to your home, in the office, at your store or at the hotel. Only need ironing? We also offer an iron-only service which means you'll never need to worry about getting those creases out.


Our laundry & dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service in Antwerp is perfect for those living a busy life and those who want to enjoy life in Antwerp. So forget searching for  ‘dry cleaners near me’, standing in a queu, with Hallo Q, all your laundry, dry cleaning and ironing is taken care of. That means you have more free time to do whatever you like during the day, or save time after work by being able to go directly home.

Still have a question or concern? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to receive your feedback, questions and ideas. We are always looking to improve and want to offer you the service you deserve. Contact us at

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